5 Steps To Pull Off A Dark Shade Lipstick Indian Brides Are Now Loving

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The dark lip-look is officially the biggest trend for Indian bridal beauty this season, making way for vampy colors. Attempting such hues can seem tricky and tough to pull off. Don't fret, as we've got the right tips for you. So, if you're new to this trend. There are tons of options of dark lipsticks that can work best for your Indian bridal look.

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A deep, dark wine is about breaking the norm and going all out. Pair a wine lipstick with heavier fabrics in deep colours and keep it exclusively for the winter months. Make sure the rest of your make-up is relatively light and skip the gloss when you’re sporting a wine. Deep Indian bridal lipstick shades look best when matte.

Ambika Madarasmi Professional Makeup Artist

A chocolate brown with red undertones is another bridal lipstick we love! Works well for winter weddings and blends with most bridal colours. Outfits in reds, maroons and even deeper shades of pink go beautifully with brown lipsticks. Again, opt for matte and say no to gloss. Yet, no matter which colors you will be picking to wear, HappWedding.Life will be guiding you through 5 steps to finish finest dark Indian bridal lipsticks.

The Right Shade Matters

The color can make all the difference, so pick the right shade for your complexion.

 To get it right, pick a color that makes your face look brighter and not dull.

Exfoliation Is A Must

Before you try any bold colour, make sure you exfoliate and moisturise your lips for a smooth base. 

This will help to give you a neater lipstick finish.

Create A Base

Once your lips are smooth and soft, dab some concealer to camouflage your natural lip tone. 

This trick can help the flaunt the real pigment color.

The Brush Art

Before applying the lipstick, use a lip liner to define the lips and then fill in the colour with a lipstick or a lip bruhs. 

A brush can help here, as dark colors get messy easily.

Expert Tip

To make your lip line look sharper, line the outside of your lips with a concealer pen. This will lock in the colour, 

make the shade look brighter and give you smoother edges.

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