7 Unique Indian Pre-wedding Couple Shoot Ideas You Just Can’t Miss!

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In recent times though, couples have been doing pre-wedding shoots which are far from personal. We totally love mush but a titanic pose near a lake, the ‘bride is always right’ board and posing for things that have nothing to do with your love story is pushing it too far. So, if you are trying to figure out some different themes for your pre-wedding shoot we have got just the thing for you. Here are 7 unique ideas on HappyWedding.Life that can be used as major inspiration for your pre-wedding shoots.


They say “to travel is to live” and if you are a couple who both enjoy travelling then you will go nuts about this pre-wedding shoot too. We love how this couple has dedicated their shoot to some of their favourite modes of transport.

 For The Vintage Souls

Are you a lover of all things vintage? Then you will be obsessed with this pre-wedding shoot idea. We absolutely adore this couple’s shoot has the old-world charm to it with the a dash of glamour.

A Day Of Our Life

If you are couple who likes to keep it real then this pre-wedding shoot idea is going to be your first pick. This couple has decided to capture the moments from a ‘day in their life,’ showcasing the way they actually spend time with each other.

In the Hotel Room

If you are a couple who has a thing for plush hotel rooms, matching night dresses and oversized bathtubs, then this has to be your go-to shoot idea. We like how this couple has matched their night-dresses while slyly announcing their wedding date.

An Ode to The City

The city where you met your other half for the first time and felt butterflies fluttering in your stomach will always have a special place in your story. We can’t take our eyes off from the way this couple has dedicated their pre-wedding shoot.

In The Sand Dunes

Are you a couple who loves taking vacations to picturesque locations in the desert? Well then you have to consider this for your pre-wedding shoot. This pictures from the shoot in sand dunes of Khimsar, Jodhpur are not to be missed.

For the Love of Snow

If extreme hot climatic temperatures are not your thing, then you can always consider to shoot in the snow. We admire this couples passion to shoot in the cold valleys.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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