5 Fun Tips For Having Beautiful DYI Iphone Wedding Photography

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Wedding photography is immensely rewarding. And using your iPhone to capture the event will free you from having to carry around bulky camera equipment all day. If you’re a guest at a wedding, the iPhone is the perfect camera to use – you can keep it in your purse or pocket, ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. Even some professional photographers have started to shoot entire weddings with their iPhone. You really can get great results. HappyWedding.Life will be sharing these 5 essential tips for taking beautiful wedding photos with your iPhone. 

Tell The Story Of The Day

Photos are great storytellers, and by capturing pictures throughout the wedding day you’ll create an engaging story of this special event.

If you have a chance to be with the bride or groom when they’re getting ready, use this to your advantage and capture some shots with your iPhone. Before the wedding they’ll be excited and probably a bit nervous, so try to capture these emotions in your photos.Follow the bride and the groom throughout the day, and take a lot of shots of them together. Be especially aware of the main events, such as the wedding ceremony, signing the marriage register, cutting the cake, etc. 

Shoot In Good Light

When it comes to the weather, most people hope for a bright sunny day for a wedding. But if you’re the wedding photographer, this is usually the last thing you want!

Bright sun can cause all sorts of problems for wedding photographers, including over-exposure of the wedding dress, harsh shadows on faces, and people squinting because of the bright light.

An overcast day is actually much better for photographing weddings because the clouds diffuse the sunlight. This results in a softer and more even lighting, and you won’t have to worry about harsh shadows on your subjects.

Set Exposure For The Highlights

Paying attention to the exposure (brightness) of your photos is important in all genres of photography, but it’s especially important when taking photos of the bride at a wedding.This is because the bride usually wears a white dress, and the iPhone can struggle to set the correct exposure automatically because of the contrast between the bright dress and the darker surroundings.

Use Burst Mode

When photographing weddings, there’s often a lot of movement in the scene which can result in blurry subjects or clumsy captures with eyes closed, people in the wrong pose, etc.In such cases, the burst mode feature in the camera app is very useful. It allows you to capture many shots in a short period of time, and you can then choose the best shots from the sequence afterwards.

 Get Close For Portraits

As well as capturing full-length shots of the happy couple, don’t forget to include some portrait shots from a closer distance.Getting closer to your subject allows you to capture more emotion in your photos as it places the focus on their facial expressions.This kind of shot allows you to freeze in time the happiness, love and excitement of the new couple. It also lets you capture more detail in items such as the bride’s dress and flowers.

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