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Love Indeed is one of the professional Wedding Planner. The famous in the industry for a long time. We have experience through the wedding to many couples already. Variety Impress and memorize the One Stop Service

The highlight of Love Indeed is to meet the customer's needs in a tangible budget. And more than imagined in a variety of aspects. Under the theme of a unique, nature-based event. By a team dedicated to both physical and mental work. Whether it is a dressing room and a team of Sequence who take care of the job as a replacement for the wedding party, everything impresses and trusts the married couple quite a bit.

With the creative work on the grandeur of the wedding design and decoration for the wedding couple past. All created a memorial and memorial for spouses and guests. Until the birth of a voice that is constantly talking about the word of mouth in the Best of the Best Decorations. Elegance wedding spectacular to remember the forgotten.

So the bride should find out and see the work of each wedding planner, as well as make a detailed talk to get to know each other. Know if they can work together? To get the most important party style for the couple. "Why Love Indeed the Wedding Planner

Love Indeed The Wedding Planner is supervised and consulted on all preparation work. Whether it is a conceptual design theme. Placing work schedules and preparation for the couple. As well as taking care of the sequence of all preparatory tasks. Including helping the couple put the budget for the event, such as decorations, shooting locations, makeup, hair, etc., paid couple actually. The couple We can take the budget to consult with us. We do not have to pay any minimum cost for the event.

We charge a wedding planner in proportion to the wedding couple want us to care. Have a team to consult. Detailed introduction and planning for the event. Including a team to maintain the ceremony throughout the 6 people in the morning and evening.

Let us Love indeed The Wedding Planner and Decoration Organizer look after your special day



  • Wedding Card and Souvenir

    > 35 THB

    Wedding Card and Souvenir

    Wedding card start at 35 Baht
    Souvenir start at 50 Baht

  • Wedding Dress

    > 15,000 THB

    Wedding Dress

    Wedding dress made to order (rental) start at 35,000 baht, Rental start at 25,000 baht
    Groom suit start at 15,000 bath

  • Khan-Mak set

    > 25,000 THB

    Kham-Mak full set

  • Master of Ceremony

    > 5,000 THB

    Master of Ceremony 5,000 baht per person

  • Make up & Hair stylist

    > 15,000 THB

    Make up & Hair stylist

    Make up & Hair style start at 15,000 baht

  • Runner

    > 30,000 THB

    Team runner 6 people per team

  • Presentation Cinematography

    > 35,000 THB

    Presentation Cinematography

    Presentation Cinematography MV (price per story)
    - 2 photographers
    - 1 Producer
    - 5 Minutes of story
    - Free Teaser for invitation file

  • Pre-Wedding

    > 65,000 THB


    - 2 photographer with assistant
    - Makeup and hairstyle
    - A set of dress 4-5 dresses
    - All file with effected
    - 10 file of retouched size 10x20
    - image with frame 20x30 for 2 set
    - 1 day ... Read Mores transportation (selected area)

  • Cinematography

    > 40,000 THB


  • Photography

    > 12,000 THB


  • Decoration + Lighting

    Ask Price

    Decoration + Lighting

  • Wedding Planner

    > 60,000 THB

    Wedding Planner


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