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SubDio Garden is a British garden style. For special occasions. There is an area between the external garden that gives the mood of relaxed atmosphere. And the banquet hall with a glasshouse with air conditioner

"SubDio Garden" is from Latin, meaning Under the Open Sky, which is inspired by garden in the glass room.

We built this place with the believe that There are many more people like us who are not attached to the formalities of the banqueting rooms of the hotel and are looking for unique places to fill their memories of special occasions.

We look forward to being part of your special day. It is always remembered and impressed.

Our location in Chaengwattana, Nonthaburi Visits: 9: 00-18: 00, closed every Wednesday. We recommend calling ahead.



  • Morning ceremony Package

    160,000 THB

    Morning package at 8: 30-14: 00 (not include lunch)

    The items provided are:
    1. Make a morning or porridge breakfast for 80 guests.
    2. Phan Khan (Artificial flowers) lend
    3. Engagement ring
    - Flower s ... Read Moreervice For adults
    - Dowry cloth service For dowry ceremonies
    4. Provide a place for the priesthood. Fully equipped with:
    - a set of altars. With Buddha
    - 9 Sanskrit Sets
    - the water bowl, the holy water
    - Sins, candles, flower vases for the altar.
    - Flower arrangements, incense sticks for 10 Buddhas and monks.
    - Organize a dinner for the Buddha and the monks, including 10 sets of dresses for the prosperity. (Instead of wearing a bat)
    5. Prepare the Buddha's secretion ceremony.
    - a set of water Ready to pour water.
    - The equipment used in the ceremony include the master of water, the conch, the plunger, the garlands, the twins, the twins, the twins, the anointing
    - Wedding couple

  • Pre-wedding Package

    5,000 THB

    Pre-Wedding Rental space

    SubDio Garden provided areas for special occasions such as Photographing i.e. Pre-Wedding, Family/Friends photographing

    A: First 3 hours 5,000 baht next hour 1,500 ... Read More baht
    B: Full day rental 9 hours. = 12,000 baht

  • Reception Package

    145,000 THB

    Reception Package

    The items provided are:
    1. Indoor Glass House has air-conditioning for 100-130 people.
    2. Outdoor area in open garden with capacity of 120-150 people.
    3. Make-up Room - Air-conditi ... Read Moreoned room with ensuite for newlyweds. (Can return the room within half an hour after the break)
    4. dining table and chairs with beautiful decoration
    5. Desk Registration Beautiful decoration
    6. Character label for photo corner with exhibitors
    7. Backdrop on stage with acronym label
    8. Audio + microphone floating 2.
    9. Projectors and monitors
    10. SubDio Garden Decoration
    11. Gallery Gallery
    12. Big Picture Stand (Lend) / Envelope Box (Lend) / Signature Pen (Lend)
    13. Two Greeting Cards
    14. Steed maid - girl (fresh flower)
    15. Cake table decor With fake wedding cake or glass of champagne + punch For the ceremony



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