A personalized check-list for your wedding preparations, plan a year ahead, 6 months ahead or a short 3 months plan can also be easily done with our personalized wedding planner .



12 Month Wedding Planning Checklist Calendar

12 Month

  • Announcement the engagement

    checkMeet the parents

    checkMeet the friends

  • Decide the potential date


    checkSet a Wedding Date

    A lot of things should be considered when setting on a date for a destination wedding in Thailand. This is why we suggest you read some the tips we shared with you.

  • Decide the budget

    checkNumber of guests

    Compiling the perfect wedding guest list is always a little complicated. And this is no different when it comes to destination weddings, so here are some ways to make it simpler.

    checkVenue cost

    Setting on the right venue for a destination wedding in Thailand can sometimes be a little complicated. Several points should be taken in consideration and you are not always on site to make sure it ticks all the boxes. Here are some tips to make this easier.

    checkWedding Dress Cost

    checkwedding planner cost

    checkFood beverage cost

    checkOptional cost (Photographer, VDO, Hair stylist, Make up,music, band, florist, pre-wedding)

11 Months

10 Month

9 Month

8 Month

7 Month

6 Month

5 Month

4 Month

3 Month

2 Month

1 Month

2 Week

1 Week

1 Day

Night before wedding day

Wedding Day