12 Months Checklist To Prepare For Your Indian Wedding in Thailand

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It's really hard to plan a destination wedding without any information's or help. HappyWedding.life is the best website to help you get information to plan your Destination Wedding in Thailand. Here are some Checklists and Vendors in order to help you plan the Wedding with detailed information in Thailand, the land of Smile. 

To Prepare for your Wedding Planning, you need to consider these main things for a successful Wedding in Thailand:

  • Budget: Plan according to your budget. If you think your budget is tight, then list down things that are important for your wedding and delete unnecessary things from your list to save cost. Have a budget for your wedding and start collecting/saving money for it.

  • Wedding Date: As in an Indian Wedding, you need to fix the date according to the Priest because he is the one to see the best day for a couple to get married according to astrology’s and stars. But these day some couples don't really ask any priests and instead decide it for themselves. It can also be according to the availability of families, friends and Venues.

  • Guests: Have a meeting with your family that who are you willing to call on your wedding. It's because, if you miss one of the important guests, then there are high chances of losing them.

12 Months Before The Wedding: The Venue

In Bangkok: If you are deciding to get married in Bangkok city, then choose a hotel, restaurant or villas according to the budget, number of guests and your preference. You need to at least starts and research about the wedding venue in Bangkok so that you don't miss the booking especially during the peak seasons. 

AVANI Atrium Bangkok

The Banquet Hall at Nathong

Villa De Bua

Windsor Suites Hotel Sukhumvit 20

Outside of Bangkok: Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Pattaya, Phuket, Huahin, Islands etc. If you choose outside of Bangkok city, in Thailand, then make sure to research about the venue and transportation thoroughly so that you can get the place in a good budget and on time.

Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

Dusit Island Resort Chiang Rai

Dhara Dhevi Chiangmai Hotel

Novotel Hua Hin Cha Am Beach Resort and Spa

12 Months Before The Wedding: The Wedding Planner

It depends on the couple’s choice whether to choose a wedding planner from their country or from their destination wedding country. But there are many talented and really famous Indian wedding planners in Bangkok for an Indian Wedding. The couples or the family members can research and find out about them before making a choice for their wedding. They can contact them via emails, phone or face to face and find out more about them.

BKK Wedding Planner

Pink Palki

I Do Etc. 

11 Months Before The Wedding

10 Months Before The Wedding: Bride Makeup Artists 

Everyone wants to be a bride at least ones in their life. They also want to look the most beautiful and extremely unique bride at their wedding. To do that, you cannot just get married in pajamas, instead you need a proper bridal dress, bridal jewelry and most especially bridal makeup. 

Makeover by Sejal

Makeup by Sunaina

Drama Queen Makeup by Marisa


 10 Months Before The Wedding: Bridal Mehendi

'MEHENDI' is one of the most important accessories for an Indian Bride. Without it, the bride looks incomplete. It's one of the beauty of a bride which shines when she gets married. 

Indian Beauty Service

Rani Beautician

Kits Bridal Nirobi

9 Months Before The Wedding: Videographers and Photographers

Make a final decisions and hire a photographer for your pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding. Also for your Engagement ceremony as well.

Indian Wedding Photography

Anoop Photography

KK Studio

9 Months Before The Wedding: Wedding Dresses

These are the best collections of Indian Wedding dresses in Thailand. Which are really elegant and mesmerizing dresses made by the best Indian Wedding Dress Designers in Thailand.

June Fifth by Bonny

Suwannee by Sam

9 Months Before The Wedding: Bridesmaid and Groomsmen's Dresses

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen’s: Ask your friends to become your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s to brighten up your wedding with entertainment and help.





Kar. Ras Boutique by Malika


Amrapur Tailors

Pinky Tailor

9 Months Before The Wedding : Wedding Jewelry's and Rings 

Most magnificent and unique designs of bridal jewelry in Thailand from the best diamond jewelry designers.

Jubilee Diamond

Epiphany Jewelry

Petch Noparat

Ravi Sehgal

 8 Months Before The Wedding: Wedding Gifts

Think of the different kinds of gifts for different people such as for family members (bride and groom), friends (family friends), in-laws and their families and return gifts for the other relatives and guests.

Handmade Gift

KCR Souvenir


The Button Town

Engagement: Decide the date and place for your engagement. Invite your favorite person and make your engagement simple and small. It can at least give a glimpse of your upcoming wedding to the other guests. Most of the couples will announce their wedding by putting their Engagement photo on Social Media.

8 Months Before The Wedding:  Wedding Invitation Cards 

We all need a wedding invitation to welcome the guests at our wedding. These are some of the best wedding invitation card designers in Thailand with an affordable price. Contact the Wedding Card Printers Shop to select a design for your wedding card and order them according to the numbers of guests.


Loft Infinity THAILAND


NJ Wedding Card

Ceremonies: Plan offline or online ceremonies lists to be sure what ceremonies are going to take place on which day?

  • Bachelorette/Hens Party (optional)
  • Mehendi (Henna) and Sangeet
  • Haldi (optional)
  • Baraat
  • Shaadi (Wedding)
  • Reception (optional)
  • Officiant: Find a Priest who will do the process of wedding.
  • Rituals (Pooja): Ask the Priests for the things you need for a wedding such as fruits, dry fruits, oil, woods, money, flowers etc.
  • Videographers and Photographers
  • Wedding Dress Designers: Confirm your dresses for each ceremonies with a jewelry set. The faster you do the best chances are there for you to style your wedding dresses.

7 months Before The Wedding: Catering 

Plan offline or online documents for catering system. It depends on you whether to choose a restaurant and make them cater at your wedding or you can choose a hotel’s catering service for your wedding as well. 

Noori India Samui

Coco Cafe

Tibet Kitchen

6 months before your Wedding: Honeymoon & Getaway

Choose your favorite place or country to visit for your honeymoon after your wedding. Here’s a little tip, always choose a place where you have never been before. This will give couple chances to enjoy their new life at a new place. It will be just like ‘icing on the cake’. So plan your honeymoon destination and be ready to go and enjoy your new life.


Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa

Le Patta Chiang Rai

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen’s outfit: Make them choose the outfits for each ceremonies such as Mehendi (Henna), Sangeet, Wedding and Reception.

  • Transportation: Organize transportations for the guests who will come from overseas and also for the Baraat and Vidai. Also when and where to pick the guests and bring them to the wedding destination.
  • Service for the Guests: Make sure to prepare an Itinerary for the guests as well as their rooms for them to stay in your wedding. The Itinerary will help the guests to know when the ceremonies are and be prepared for it.

5 months before your Wedding: Wedding Cake 

There are both vegetarian (egg less) and non-vegetarian (with egg) cake makers in Thailand. They make the best cake ever for a lavishing weddings. As most of the Indian wedding cut their wedding cake on their Engagement day, Wedding day or Reception day. 

Baking Season

Bespoke sugarcraft


  • Documentation for NRI brides or grooms (optional): Get a married Visa by doing Court marriages to clear a document for the NRI (Non Residential Indian) brides or grooms to live with their husbands or wives after marriage.
  • Timetable: Prepare a final timetable for the wedding ceremonies to make sure you don’t forget anything (traditional or modern) rituals for your wedding.
  • Meetings: Have a final meeting (if necessary) with the Wedding Planner, Makeup Artists, Photographers and Videographers etc. to confirm their payments.

4 months before your Wedding: Bridal Beauty (Skin Care)

This is the most important thing to do as an Indian Bride. You need to take care of your body, skin, nails, hair etc. As we all know that Thailand is famous for it's massage, spa and beauty centers. You can have the best treatment of your skin in Thailand.  

Asia Spa Bangkok

Luxury Clinic

Coquette Beauty Nail Salon and Spa

Bridal things: Be prepared with the things that the bride will need (bring it home if necessary):

Groom things: Be prepared with the things that the groom will need (bring it home id necessary):

  • Dress
  • Broaches
  • Jewelry (Sehra, Safa etc.)
  • Skin Care
  • Haircut
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Shave
  • Shoes

Arrangements: Check and confirm all the reservations and arrangement for the wedding such as:

  • Transportation's
  • Guests
  • Gifts
  • Brides and Grooms Shopping for post wedding
  • Final Decisions for honeymoon: Make final decisions for your honeymoon and book the tickets with or without the package for the most memorable honeymoon after your wedding.
  • Backup Plan: Keep a backup plan just in case anything happen to your wedding planner, photographers, makeup artists, officiant etc.

3 months before your Wedding

  • Pre-wedding photoshoot: Have a memorable photoshoot as much as you want to keep the memories of being single, dating and soon to be married so that during your ceremony you can make a standees or mannequins or photo frames to put and show it to the guests. You can also keep it inform of albums or CD to remind you of your wedding days.
  • Dance preparations: Hire a Choreographer (if necessary) to prepare a dance for the Sangeet and Reception (optional) day. It could be in groups, solo or even in pairs to make it look romantic for the soon to be married or newly wedded couple. Make it a surprise, also perform well so that the audience and remember and the couple will be extremely happy.
  • Toasts preparations: Prepare a toast for the bride and groom on their Mehendi (Henna) Sangeet and Reception day. Try to memories it and do not use paper to read it. Say it with your heart.
  • Catering (Menu): Confirm the catering one last time and print out the menu to be given to the guests with their Itinerary so that they know what they will get to eat and drink on that ceremony day. Also it will help you to check that all the things you ordered are there for the guests and not missing.
  • Rings: Buy a ring for the engagement day (optional) and for the wedding day. Also the parents from each sides can buy it to give it to the bride and the groom as a gift for their wedding.

2 months before your Wedding: Music and Entertainments

DJ Dev Chawla

Djsagar Singh

DJ Tanveer Singh Narula

DJ. Ash

  • Guest Package: Wherever the wedding takes place (hotels, cities, villas) make sure to entertain your guest by making them have a small tour of the country before, during or after those ceremonies where only families are needed.  
  • Gifts: Ask the gift shops to deliver the gifts to your place or venue with the name of the guests on it. Make sure the gifts and the names on the gifts are correct, also the number of the gifts according to the number of guests.
  • Childcare (optional): as this is optional, in some wedding there are child care room provided for the child’s health and entertainments. Also it will help the mother of the child to enjoy while the child is sleeping of playing in the room. They will be taken care by the Care takers as well.
  • Honeymoon Suites (optional): Also confirm the booking for a honeymoon suites after the wedding to spend your first night with a luxury environment.
  • Invitation Cards Distribution: Make sure that the wedding invitation cards re distributed to everyone whom you wish to see at your wedding. Go and give it to them hand to hand or make it deliver to their houses. For overseas relatives or friends, make sure it reaches on time.
  • Shoes
  • Dance Rehearsals
  • Transportation's
  • Food and Drinks (Catering)
  • Bridal Makeup Artists
  • Mehendi (Henna) Artists
  • Ceremony things
  • Officiant

1 month before your Wedding

Confirmation with the Vendors:

1 week before your Wedding

  • Guests: Have a count on the number of guests as they arrive and make sure they get what they want.
  • Rituals: Have all the things needed for the rituals ready. Also keep extras so that when you lost one or have destroyed one by mistake, there is a substitute for it.

P.S: *Ask your photographer to submit your Wedding photos to HappyWedding.life. *



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